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I was hit with two thoughts on word of this news:
- Team Magma & Team Aqua are in this???
- Groudon & Kyogre caves? Again? Really???

But given mention of version exclusivity of Electabuzz line & Magmar line, such wilds would likely be in different area types. Buzz in Chargestone perhaps.

Nice to hear that Black City and White Forest are back. However, with earlier mention of "if you've got Black then get Black*2, and vice versa", I am curious as to White Forest being in Black*2. Not that it matters as I already own B & W and own two DS units (three, with consideration of DSi).

Quote originally posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire:
If Kyogre and Groundon are in it than most likely that'll proably mean one Emerald remake...
Or another HGSS thing, where its a revisit of the other storyline (Crystal) with modifications to game exclusives (Emerald not having wild Roselia or Meditite).
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