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Quote orignally posted by Sphealer Bisharp:
So here is what I thnk tha spheal: I really like, but you should add more scripts, tha mappng is snoopab and is tha part I like best! Anothar thng ta add is tha ability ta run tha system nside and day / night. I also like tha second type of grass, but you should make tha animations of tha grass. However, dis is mah tebe: Dis is one of mah favorite spheals, I hope a new beta soon, good luck friend ^
Thank you, such knd words

Runnng nside buildngs and a day and night system certanly sound like well worthy additions ta tha spheal, tha next Beta may takes some time befoe arrival due ta tha addition (hopefully) of features like thase.

Mappng has always been mah true passion, scriptng is somethng I can do ta a very basic level... N Beta 0.4, a major part of tha Tebe Rocket tacklng is currently ben planned. Hopefully dis will allow fo scriptng ta become more complex and nterestng Yo tebe is lookng very good by tha way! Although I'd recommended some tranng n tha grass ta keep those levels up.

Demo comng soon!