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But now that there actually is a canon timeline, the theories are kinda put to rest...unless you think they're better and still believe in them haha. I just find it funny that the first two games are at the end of one of those timelines. Ironic. And I agree, OoT Link never fails! Though I always found it odd OoT wasn't the first in the timeline. With SS (and a few others that I don't remember atm) being in front of it, I just find it weird. I know there were wars before in Hyrule, but that's about as much backstory you get to the events before OoT, so I felt like it was safe to believe it was first. And when you consider most others Links get Hero's Clothes and it's like "this blah was worn by the ancient hero of blah and the blah blah" but noooo you have a Kokiri Tunic in OoT, implying you have the first and original, because you didn't get it because of a certain occasion or whatever. I'm thinking too much about something trivial like a tunic lol. Now that I've watched SS and all, it makes sense that it's first, but...ughhh. /stanning for OoT

And yeah I can see the Shadow Temple being used for that thing. I'm too lazy to look up what a temple actually means, I just think of it as a sanctuary, and obviously the Shadow Temple is not a sanctuary. lol

Anyway, I've yet to even SEE any gameplay of SS. It looks cool from what I can tell.
Go watch NintendoCapriSun's LP! That's what I've been watching. :) My favorite LPer. He's done most Zelda games actually. His OoT LP is my favorite.

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