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^That right there. BT Added Miyamoto for fun. |D;

I can follow/understand most of the places some of the games were put in... but as said before, I would have liked the third timeline to be placed elsewhere.
The Hero's clothes is also something I've been thinking about. (You're not the only one to indulge themselves into the world behind the games, Sydian. ;3)
TP and WW are, as far as I know, the only games where it's actually mentioned that the Green Tunic is something special, whereas OoT and SS give an origin story. In the other games the green tunic is just kinda there. I long thought that OoT was one of the first as well, and it's the first game to establish some key features in the Hyrulean lore.
Hyrule was well develloped since then, in a lot of the earlier games (Lttp not included) it's a bit of a chaotic place.

Part of me believes that when they started to make the Legend of Zelda games, no one of the devellopers had any idea about how great the series would become. It started as just any fantasy A/RPG... and it wasn't until later when they realised how big it /could/ get that they actively starting thinking about Hyrule's history and culture...
Making the Triforce a divine gift of three goddesses kind of put the first games on the sidelines... and therefore they are somewhere in the dark corners of the timeline...
I haven't played the first games yet, so I'm just speculating based on things I heard here and there.

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