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Well...there's this one weird theory I though of while playing Pokemon....
So, has anyone heard the tale of the Unicorn and the Lake?
The unicorn flees off into the mountains, as it is being chased by humans for its elegant pelt and its horn. It is also mentioned that it comes down very rarely from its mountain haven. The unicorn is said to live for a hundred or more years as well.
Well, doesn’t the same apply to Absol?
Absol has one horn.
If you read Absols Pokedex entries, it claims that Absol lives for a hundred years, and was mistaken to be the cause for disasters by humans. Because of that, they were pushed into the mountains. By humans. It also mentions that it very seldom ventures down from the mountains.
So, is Absol some kind of mutated unicorn?
Or is it the unicorns “evil twin” of sorts?

Just wondering...I mean...on my game my PokeDex like...malfunctioned and for some reason would only bring up a Rapidash and Absol...and the game froze afterwords, then I sorted out the similarities. And boom! xD