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I'm a bit behind in B2W2 news; will probably acknowledge the July 2012 Corocoro information a little later. >.> And I'll probably have more to add to this thread once I read a few more posts. XD

Anyway, I'm hoping that a Rock-type Gym and a Steel-type Gym (or a Rock-type and Steel-type Elite 4 member) get added in B2W2, so that it can be said that Unova has had a Gym Leader or Elite 4 member of every single type known to date. :D

Not sure about Grimsley's fate in B2W2 (I anticipate he'll retain Elite 4 status for some reason), but if he does happen to get removed, a Dark-type Gym would be interesting because that's the only Type that still has no Gym to call its own after all these years - only Elite 4 members. >.> Otherwise, I guess I'll just wait until Generation 6+...

Quote originally posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire:
I hope it's not something gimmicky like having to model a certain way to get to Elesa...

:cer_laugh: The thought of that is hilarious, but I'm wondering how I'd feel if that were actually put into practice...

Quote originally posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire:
xD It sort of does.
Cheren and Elesa got new designs, but it seems like Skyla didn't and neither did Brycen, it could go either way for Iris and Burgh...

I know Skyla's outfit is hot-tastic, but I was really looking forward to what new outfit she would have since she's returning as well... :o

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