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Quote originally posted by Illuminaughty:
It's fine, just make sure that the next game you play is either Gold, Silver, Crystal, Heart Gold, or Soul Silver rather than Diamond
Username: Bizebest
Challengec: Water
Completed : I
Team: Vaporeon, Poliwrath, Gyarados, Slowbro, Starmie (Pidgey HM slave)
Kanto (completed)

So today, I just started Crystal.
Progress so far:
Got Totodile from Elm,
Went to Violet Town,
Belsprout Tower was ANNOYING since all I had was Totodile...
Falkner was a joke with Lv 16 Totodile.
Went down Route 32
Got the old rod at the Pokecenter
Caught a Tentacool
Night fell so...
Caught a Wooper and a Poliwag.
went into Union cave and breezed through all the rock types.
Exited the cave and saved.

Current Team
Croconaw Lv18 / Wooper Lv13 / Tentacool Lv10 / Poliwag Lv4 (not sure I'll train it...)
Proud Breeder and Trainer since Ruby&Sapphire

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