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Originally Posted by Illuminaughty View Post
It's fine, just make sure that the next game you play is either Gold, Silver, Crystal, Heart Gold, or Soul Silver rather than Diamond
Username: Bizebest
Challengec: Water
Completed : I
Team: Vaporeon, Poliwrath, Gyarados, Slowbro, Starmie (Pidgey HM slave)
Kanto (completed)

So today, I just started Crystal.
Progress so far:
Got Totodile from Elm,
Went to Violet Town,
Belsprout Tower was ANNOYING since all I had was Totodile...
Falkner was a joke with Lv 16 Totodile.
Went down Route 32
Got the old rod at the Pokecenter
Caught a Tentacool
Night fell so...
Caught a Wooper and a Poliwag.
went into Union cave and breezed through all the rock types.
Exited the cave and saved.

Current Team
Croconaw Lv18 / Wooper Lv13 / Tentacool Lv10 / Poliwag Lv4 (not sure I'll train it...)
Proud Breeder and Trainer since Ruby&Sapphire

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