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Quote originally posted by PrimetimeHero:
Hi. I'm new here. I really only joined because I have some cards that I can't find prices for. I don't even know what some of these cards are. I collected when I was younger and just had these all in a binder. They are all in MINT condition. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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Quote originally posted by PrimetimeHero:
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Quote originally posted by PrimetimeHero:
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The only things potentially worth anything are the Black Star Promo Mewtwo and the Ancient Mew, both being worth between $2 and $4.

The rest are all uncommons and commons.

I'll price out the rest within the next couple of days. Finding prices on Japanese cards can be tricky, and POP Series cards (that Pikachu that Pokecole was searching for a price on) aren't put up for sale all that often as there are far fewer of them in circulation (doesn't make them more valuable, though).

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