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Chapter 6

Unknown Location
The previous night

Ghetsis circled around the room, refusing the offer to sit. It always gave him more ideas. Spencer, the green haired man was seated on the couch, musing about what he could do. Here was the opportunity of his life, get the kid N and get Zekrom. But a feeling kept nagging him. There was a catch, he knew it. Finally, he got up and asked.

“I need to know who the boy is.”

“All will be revealed in time. For now let’s just say he’s your enemy.”

Spencer ground his teeth, perhaps he should reconsider, but the rewards were great, and he’d be screwed if he refused. However, he could not shake the feeling that the boy was familiar. He decided to wait, and see how things turned out. He could always flee to Kanto if things got bad. He walked to the fridge and opened it. He picked out a bottle of beer and popped it open. It was downed in seconds. Finally, relaxed, he walked over to Ghetsis.

“So, what’s the plan?”

“Ahh… I knew you’d reconsider…” Ghetsis paused, “Trust me, you won’t regret this.”

They shook hands before parting. Spencer went back to bed and Ghetsis went out the door.

Ghetsis walked down the same street again. The lunar eclipse was waning and silvery moonlight lit up the streets. It was a beautiful sight, the water sparkled. Ghetsis just smirked, all this was useless. All that mattered was power and power would soon be with him. Now that the master thief, Spencer was on his side, he would soon be unstoppable. He had dispatched the Shadow Triad to capture N, so he would be dealt with as well. Everything was in accordance to the plan, why wouldn’t it be? Ghetsis was a master of deception. He just hoped that Spencer did not recognize N. But how would he? It had nearly been a decade.

Spencer lit up his bed lamp, looking at the picture he had stolen from Ghetsis when they shook hands. There was a green haired boy atop a black dragon, only the back of his head was visible. But one doesn’t become a master thief by missing fine detail. He saw the cube dangling from the boy’s pocket. A tear rolled down his eye, as he remembered.

“Nathan…” he said softly, “My son…”
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