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CURSE YOU I WANTED THAT JOLTIK!!!! May I reserve a spot please? I'll take the Houndour as a companion and have my SU up some point today :3

Name: Seth Trublade
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Appearance: Seth in no way looks like a soldier. His natural muscle tone and gentle glance makes him look even more like a downtrodden citizen. His amber eyes are his most striking feature; anyone that's seen them once would probably notice them the second time (third time for sure). He also has a long scar running across his back, but it is covered entirely by his clothes. Other than that, though, he looks rather ordinary. His black hair is slightly spiked out in the front and gets more orderly in the back. His stature is average an standing at 5'8" with a medium build.

In addition to his standard issues, Seth is always wearing a black neckband when he's not out on a mission. During a mission, though, the neckband is traded for a white mask adorned with thin, blue scar designs; one for each eye. He often lets his work clothes get tattered and dirty. Other than those, he takes care of his own clothes. His casual clothes are dirty and slightly ripped, but it can be noted that they may not be as tattered as the ones on everyone else. He also wears a simple green undershirt, a black sweatshirt, blue jeans and white-and-black sneakers.

Personality: Outside of a mission Seth is very shy and naive. While he knows better, he can be very careless by taking walks or relaxing out in the open to kill some time. He can even be in the sights of enemy soldiers without realizing it until they attack. He's not dense, but there are times when other silly mistakes occur (spoiler alert: most of his "day missions" involve staying away). Naturally passive and tranquil, he's an easy person to get along with. He is okay with being around people, and even able to tolerate some of the crudest mannerisms. However, contradicting this trend, his sense of humor can be very dark; he's more likely to laugh in times when they aren't appropriate.

Although, he gets more serious and focused when on a mission or attacked. He becomes very calm and calculating; thinking moves out before they're even called for. It'd be easy for someone to be confused by his sudden change. His sense of strategy is rather keen, and he can incapacitate enemies before they knew he was even there. He's even willing to share some witty banter in time-sensitive or sticky situations (though his sense of humor doesn't change a d**n bit). Even so, he's unwilling to kill a target unless one is specifically instructed. It'd be difficult for Seth being the one to assassinate someone, even if it was a direct order. Unless he's angry, he can't bring himself to fully finish someone off.

History: Having been born in Hoenn, it struck Seth hard when he learned that the home he left was assaulted by the new gang. He had been training in Unova when it happened, but it didn't stop him from returning to Hoenn to check the state of his home town of Lavaridge. However, the occupying forces did manage to make him turn-tail and run before he even made it to Mauville. With little hope and options, Seth escaped to Johto while Kanto prepared for the worst. But then the 23rd happened, and once again the boy found himself running away.

But then something happened; a burning rage boiled from within and consumed Seth as he became fed up with just running. The best news he heard throughout the entire escapade was the news of a main rebel branch forming in Cianwood. Instead of planing to head for Unova like many people wanted to, he plotted to make his way over and add his name to the cause. Naturally members of Division came to confiscate his Pokemon, but he did something that no one appeared to see coming; playing right into their hand until the final moment. In Olivine City, he was confronted by soldiers and demanded to turn in his Pokemon. With regret he turned in five of his six Pokemon... but the Hydreigon he started with left with him. Launching a mini-insurrection on the spot, Seth summoned his Dragon-type and cut across the ocean to the rebel base. Along the way, Seth and his Hydreigon met with an air battle taking place over the whirlpool islands. As if treating it like an initiation, the two entered the fray and aided the rebels in scrambling the soldiers' patterns. They were distracted by anger; losing his other companions out of necessity and not knowing what happened to his friends and family made Seth act out of character. He let his Hydreigon's wild nature take over and killed even the Flying-types that carried the soldiers. The brutality was not like him, and it seemed that the forces that were wanted him to pay for it. A rogue shot (though not that rogue; it was easy to see coming if they hadn't been so reckless) knocked the two out of the air and into the ocean below after an hour of enraged combat.

Hours later, Seth's living body washed onto the shores of Cianwood. Rebel members found him clinging desperately to the corpse of his partner that he mournfully used for survival, and was later recognized as the brash kid that came out of nowhere. They interrogated him, but nothing escaped his lips as he mourned the loss of everything. They were about to order him to be executed, but then one of the flyers spoke up. She claimed him to be the hero of the battle, and it earned Seth a few days of life to train under the rebels and prove his use to them. Days turned into what seemed like weeks, and he was still alive. He had seemed to impress them enough with his stealth skills, as hard as it is to believe. Instead of regular weapons, they gave him a tranquilizer gun and a back-up pistol to work as one of the spies. Seth preferred this; after only one day of slaughter he had enough of it.

To this day, he works with the intelligence branch of the rebel forces. It is his hope that he may recover some hint of what happened to Lavaridge, and if anyone he knew had survived.


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