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Hi as it says in the title I am making a new league from which trainers can apply and become part of the league, they may choose a type while the seventh and eighth gym leaders can choose to use all types the elite 4 get to choose two types and the champion can do whatever they want gym leaders are allowed one legendary/ uber and can have no less than 3 Pokemon on their team two gym leaders cannot have the same type. To get to a higher gym leader position the gym leader must simply beat the next two above them and if they win they go up a rank. Gym leaders can only challenge the elite 4 for their rank if the champion allows it and they have all eight badges. The first to sign up will get the better ranks. Oh yes gym leaders can make up their own badge design and all. If you want to apply put it in this format:

Time usually on:

Thanks BL14N

Oh yes and I will be starting out as champion, the rank champion cannot be obtained unless the current champion retires therefor the fourth elite 4 will be champion. The champion can be battled thought even though the champion won't go down a rank

This's my one

Name: Blain
Type: Alsorts
Badge: None I'm the champion
Time usually on Friday 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Saturday's all day
Sunday in the afternoon
In holidays all day every day