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Name: Josie McQueene
Age: 19

Appearance: Josie is not an impressive looking person. He stands five feet and seven inches off the ground (no longer growing) and and has very pale skin. It's not paste-y, but it's very close. He is not well-built, on the account that he doesn't actively attempt body building. Instead has a moderately slim body (closer to the thinner side) and unimpressive looking, but long, arms. Josie has a broad chest and, being somewhat underweight, he has a thin middle. The effect gives him a thin look from the front, but a wider one from the side. Josie has deep, blue eyes, and wild black hair which grows short, but thickly, on his head. He has sideburns, which are just as wild, that end at the base of his ears. Only his eyebrows look tame.

Josie, since the rationing of supplies, sticks to wearing plain, white t-shirts. Being relatively easy to clean and abundant (by today's standard's), it made a good pick, even though it was ripped on the left sleeve and dirty on the torso (as well as other places). Josie doesn't care much what his shirt looks like, because he wears a gray, pull over hoodie over it. It, of course, has holes from wear and tear on the hood and on the front pocket, sleeve... Well, you get the point. He wears cheap, standard blue jeans which had been dirty since he got them, and faded, as well as long-worn and old, white sneakers. When dry socks are available, he wears socks, but if not he'll gladly go without. On his left ear, Josie wears a square-shaped studded earring that he absolutely never takes off.

And of course, Josie wears his rebel-issued uniform.

Personality: Josie is a determined citizen. When he decides to do something, be sure he's going to do it. Nothing short of a direct order will make him change his mind, especially if it has something to do with stopping the Division, who effectively ruined his and lots of other people's lives. On the subject, he can get very hot-tempered and very ready to fight. Family, is also very important to him. Not only his own, but others. These sort of issues, when brought to him, reach his sympathies, and he gladly gives away his time to help. This sort of unity, in times like these, make him feel the happiest. However, Josie is not the type who wants to help every person in need. Not every hand that needs help gets his attention, and often he looks over them for his own interests, and, if need be, cause some more to get his job done.

Josie is not the best when it comes to strategy. He's not good at thinking up his own master plans, he's hardly good at deciding the right move. "Improvisation" is what Josie finds himself doing when he has no idea what to do. When it comes to survival and evading enemies, he has it memorized from all his training, but for those tricky moves or those gamble situations, he could fall apart. Loneliness isn't a problem for Josie. He is the type who can easily make friendships or at least be one the good side of people. Even if none are present, he has his Pokemon which he has made happy acquaintance with. In groups, Josie is very good at keeping up morale, encouraging his comrades and keeping them enthused when on a mission. However, as a leader, he is not the best. Telling people what to do is not his strong point, and as an already indecisive person, the job doesn't exactly suit him. While he is good at thinking up ideas, he's not good at making good ideas, so he isn't the best advice guy. Even though he's not the strongest, Josie is perfectly content with doing heavy-lifting or any other field work.

After being teased by his family members when he was younger, Josie stopped introducing himself by his real name and simply stuck with Joseph.

History: Josie was born on Cianwood Island with his brother, mother, and father. Of his entire family, the four of them were the only ones that lived outside of Johto. They lived rather peacefully in their little home, parents going to work, children going to school. Josie's brother, Gabriel, was about five years older than him. As the older brother, Gabriel always looked out for his little brother Josie, teasing him when he could and going on little adventures around the town. Things were perfect for them up until the Division came along.

The campaign of taking region after region had the family frightened for themselves and their families. It was expected and yet shocking when Johto fell along with Kanto and then even the more scary when Unova threatened the coming threat with missiles. Hearing about the oppression on the news, Josie's family began to sneak their way in and out of Johto, smuggling out family members to a better freedom. However, they were only able to do this but a few times. It was on their fifth time out, to retrieve cousins, that things went wrong. It was Josie, Gabriel, and their father who were there, since their mother never came on these trips. It was on their way back to their boat that soldiers of the Division had found them. It ended up in a chase, of course, with the whole group (six in all), running for their lives and trying to get rid of them. It didn't end well. The group only managed to escape with everyone but Gabriel and one of the three cousins. The trip back home was quiet and the welcome home wasn't as cheery. They stopped returning to Johto after that, Josie wanting to go back, arguing for it even when his parents tried to reason with him. It took a long time to get Josie to quiet down on the subject, to stop trying to go save his brother. While he never made a fuss over it, the problem was always on his mind. Josie could never look across the shores the same way, though.

It was during his period of frustration over the loss of his brother than Josie was recruited into the rebellion. It was spontaneous, really. He put no thought into it, just did it out of impulse, out of anger. He was walking around Cianwood, having the whole ordeal on his mind. And, just like normal, he would see the soldiers places here and there sparsely over the area. They were normal in the scenery by now, going about their duties as they normally did. Instead of ignoring them, Josie approached a group, his mind sour. Without a single introduction, he simply asked. How does he help? How does he get in? It was with the help of these soldiers that he joined the force.

Of course, training was hard. He didn't expect it as he did, still in the haze, even days after, of his frustrated decision. Josie was not used to being ordered, not used to the sir's and ma'am's, and most definitely not used to what was required of him to survive. Before this, Josie had never had a Pokemon, event though he was well into his teenaged years. The Chatot, issued to him because he lacked his own Pokemon, was his very first and learning to communicate with him was his absolute hardest task. Using a weapon seemed easy to him, but using his Pokemon as both a companion for situations of isolation and as a tool was alien. He was glad at least, when he learned more about his Chatot, that he had ended up with it even though it didn't seem as cool or useful as the other Pokemon. His could learn to talk, if he were stuck by himself, instead of hearing him chirp his name, he could actually have a conversation. Yes, Josie tried to teach his Pokemon to have a conversation. He focused a little more on it than the actually important parts of his training. Josie taught his Chatot all the words he knew to remember to tell him. Though Chatot's dictionary is full of verbs and adjectives and predicates, he still fails to use them correctly.

Starter: Chatot

Sorry about this. x.x I had to do this whole bio today, so it's a little rushed and some of my ideas were strained. I can't really work on it tomorrow (or later today), so I did my best for right now. If it needs to be expanded or more detail needs to be added, I'll try to put it in when I can.
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