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Originally Posted by Seth Pegasus View Post
First of all, great pack you have here. But I too have a problem with importing the gifs to rpg maker xp. They are in the game folder but they don't show up in rpg maker. Do I need some special script for gifs to work?
Never mind, I figured it out. It turns out I had the wrong gifs in the folder. silly me

Originally Posted by heisadog View Post
this pack is all GIF images... how can i use it for game?
when i replace the battlers folder with these GIF, game is not working anymore...
please tell me how to use it... thanks so much...

p/s: my english is not good... so sr
I'm not sure what you did but this is what I did.

I went to my game folder, went to graphics and deleted the battlers folder.
I then went to the Ultimate BW Pack and copied the battlers folder.
I then went back to my game folder, went to graphics and pasted the new battlers folder.
Mine seem to be working just fine, they are animated and I have no problems with transparency.

Make sure you downloaded the latest update for Ultimate BW Pack.
If you keep having problems, you may have to restart your game.

I hope this helps you.
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