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Chapter 5: The Trial

It had been three days since Francine Koopa, Bowser's wife and queen of the koopas had been murdered and the toads responsible had been swifly caught. They would stand trial on her murder as well as the attempted murder of the sledge brother they stole the hammer from used to kill her.

Spike, a senior sledge brother walked down to the dungeons that morning to escort the toads to trial.
He had two hammer brothers with him as back-up incase the toads tried to escape. The hammer brothers were called Buzz and Scott, two junior brothers who always worked together.

“Take the two cells on the left, I'll take these two on the right,” Spike told them. They understood and opened the two cells immediately to the left.

“Alright you, on your feet. It's time for your trial,” Buzz said to Harold J. Toad in the first cell. Harold, who was sitting on his bed immediately got up to his feet and stood still. Buzz walked over to Harold and tied his hands behind his back.

“Now move it,” Buzz said ushering Harold out of the cell.

In the second cell was Jack P. Toad, who had been interrogated previously by Monty and had revealed the identities of everyone involved in Francine's death. Scott bound Jack's hands in the same way as Buzz did with Harold and escorted him out the cell.

Spike did the same to George P. Toad and the actual killer Kyle M. Toad.

“Move it losers,” Spike ordered forcing the toads to walk with Buzz and Scott in front of them and Spike behind them.

The trial was being held in a large courtroom on the other side of Castle Koopa and the prisoners were made to sit in a dock while Spike, Buzz and Scott sat on either side of them with their hands still tied. On the other side of the courtroom, Bowser and the koopalings sat and watched. They all glared angrily at the toads with evil eyes. They were definitely hoping for a unanimous guilty verdict. The judge Michael C. Koopa, a koopatrol entered shortly afterwards and took his seat.

“This court is now in session, you may now bring in your first witness,” Michael said to the prosecutor, a female koopa troopa called Lucy T. Koopa.

Meanwhile in the mushroom kingdom, Peach was getting ready to attend the trial.

“Where do you think you're going?” Toadsworth asked from behind.

“I'm going out for a meal with Daisy,” Peach lied. She couldn't let anyone know she was going to Castle Koopa especially as she had been called in as a witness and had been secretly supporting Bowser. Shortly after Francine's death and her kidnap at the hands of Bowser, Peach had received a tip-off revealing the names of the killers involved and she realised that her own father, King Oscar II of the mushroom kingdom was responsible. She was furious but dared not tell anyone, especially Mario or Toadsworth.

“I see,” Toadsworth said. “Well make sure you stay away from dark land. This trial has nothing to do with us, you hear.”

“Don't worry Toadsworth, I have no intention of going to that horrible place,” Peach said.

“Good. You make sure you're back before nightfall,” Toadsworth said before leaving. As soon as Toadsworth left, Peach quickly left through another door and made her way towards Castle Koopa.

Meanwhile back at the trial....

“My next witness is Clive Koopa,” Lucy the prosecuting koopa said. Clive came in through a side door and took his seat on the witness stand. Peach arrived shortly afterwards and waited outside. It would be her turn on the witness stand next. Back in the courtroom, Clive remained calm and composed has he began to answer the questions given to him. He was the fourth witness to speak.
After a series of questions from both Lucy and Joey N. Toad, who was for the defence, it was now Peach's turn. Bowser was initially quite surprised to see Peach there and the fact she was on the prosecution side rather than on the defence side among her own kind. Peach hated going behind her own kingdom's back but someone had been murdered and her own family was responsible so she decided to fix it. She told Daisy to lie to everyone in case anyone asked where she was. As far as they were concerned, Peach was having dinner with Daisy in Sarasaland. Peach would be back in a few days to answer more questions. On the fifth day of the trial, it was the turn of Francine's killers to answer questions. The way they answered questions disgusted almost everyone in the courtroom as they smugly admitted in detail of how they conspired to and killed the queen of the koopas. Peach was absolutely sickened as to how high-ranking toads in her own kingdom could be so insensitive. Bowser nearly puked and the koopalings just wept. The only one who wasn't smug was Jack P. Toad, who was quite scared and revealed how he was forced into the plot. He had originally been captured by Monty Koopa who forced him to reveal the other names of the toads involved. On the sixth day at noon came the verdict and virtually everyone was hoping for a guilty verdict.

“Will the foreman of the jury please stand?” the judge, Michael C. Koopa said.

The jury consisted of three koopa troopas, three goombas, three toads and three shy guys. The foreman was a koopa troopa who stood up.

“Have you reached a verdict on which you are all agreed?” Michael said.

“Yes we have,” the foreman said.

“On the count of conspiracy to murder, do you find the defendant Kyle M. Toad guilty or not guilty?” Michael asked.

“Guilty!” the foreman replied almost instantly. Bowser shook his fist in delight and the koopalings whooped.

“On the count of murder, do you find the defendant Kyle M. Toad guilty or not guilty?” Michael asked.

“Guilty!” the foreman replied. “YES!” came a voice from the people watching.

“Order,” Michael shouted silencing the crowd. After a brief pause he continued.

“On the attempted murder of Daniel D. Koopa, do you find the defendant Kyle M. Toad guilty or not guilty?” Michael asked. This was the sledge brother who Kyle almost killed while stealing his hammer what would be used to kill Francine.

“Guilty!” the foreman replied. The judge then repeated the same questions for the other defendants and the answer was the same throughout except for Jack who was cleared of murder and attempted murder but was found guilty of conspiracy.

“Will the defendants rise?” Michael said and the toads standing in the dock stood up as did Buzz, Scott and Spike who had been guarding them the whole time.

“In all my years of judging I have never came across anything so despicable, so disgusting as you toads. You murdered the queen of the koopas then you brag about it like it was some kind of a game. You make me sick. I can think of only one suitable punishment for you, you will be plunged into the lava where you will die. As for you Jack P. Toad, you have been cleared of both murder and attempted murder and you seem to have shown some kind of remorse throughout this trial. However you are still guilty of conspiracy so I sentence you to five years as a slave. Take them away, this court is dismissed”

Jack gulped. He didn't like the idea of being a slave but at least he wasn't being executed.

“Take this toad to the slave camp, I'll take these three to their doom,” Spike told Buzz and Scott. The hammer brothers and escorted Jack out who hung his head in sorrow.

“As for you three, I'm going to enjoy watching you die,” Spike said to the other three toads who just turned their faces away. Spike took them to a room and they were made to stand together in the middle of the room on top of what appeared to be a trapdoor.

“Now you just stand still. It will all be over soon,” Spike said walking over to a lever. The toads just stood there motionless, they weren't scared nor did they even care. Spike pulled the lever and the trapdoor opened. The toads fell through falling over fifty feet down into the lava below where they drowned and melted. Spike just stared through the open trapdoor at the lava river before walking back to the lever and closed the trapdoor back up again.

Peach returned to the Mushroom Kingdom shortly afterwards and was greeted by Mario.

“Hi Peach, how did I go with Daisy?” Mario asked.

“Oh it was fine, me and Daisy had a great time,” Peach lied.

“That's good. I was thinking maybe you and I could go out sometime,” Mario said.

“I'd love to. But now I think I'll have a little nap now if you don't mind,” Peach said.

“Sure, I'll see you later on then,” Mario said and then walked off. Peach walked into her bedroom and locked the door. She pulled out a photo album and looked through. This was her secret album what no-one else knew about. Inside were pictures of Peach, Bowser and the koopalings.

“Those are lovely pictures, it brings it all back, doesn't it?” said a voice from outside the balcony.

Peach turned around to see Bowser.

“Bowser, what are you doing here?” Peach asked.

“To see how you were. I also wanted to thank you for your help in the trial and everything,” Bowser replied.

“Oh Bowser, you didn't have to come all the way to say that,” Peach said.

“I wanted to,” Bowser said. He looked at the pictures Peach had been going through.

“I never did tell the kids the truth,” Bowser said. “You know, about who their real mum is.”

“Did Francine know?” Peach asked. Bowser shook his head.

“Bowser, you shouldn't be here,” Peach said. “Someone might see you.”

“I don't care. Peach I've never told you this before but I love you. One of the reasons I keep kidnapping you is love. I loved my wife too but you were always the love of my life,” Bowser said shocking Peach.

“Bowser, you can't have me. I love Mario and he loves me. Go home and be with your kids,” Peach said.

“Our kids,” Bowser corrected.

“I know Bowser but what would they say if they found out especially when their mum, I mean who they thought was their mum was never their mum to begin with,” Peach said.

“I know, you're right. I'll be back for you someday and when that happens, I'll take your kingdom too,” Bowser laughed as he jumped into his clown copter, which he parked just outside the balcony and left.

“Bye Bowser,” Peach smiled and closed the balcony windows.
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