Thread: [Spoilers] Ash Pokemon Returning?
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ahifdshgfisf PRIMEAPE. Pidgeot has to come back. It must. This has given me new hope I'm so excited now omg.

As for seeing them through BW 2. Maybe... I can see them returning mostly for the tournament, not as much through the main adventure. Depending on what comes first. Since it isn't clear where Ash will go now. Something could detour him off his adventure and to east Unova. I hope not because I want the league over and done with. I don't think he'll use old Pokemon for the league. I'm hoping to see his really old Kanto Pokemon. I'm also hoping for some evolution to happen between his Pokemon. Bayleef and Quilava should evolve, imo. Or if not Quilava just Bayleef. And Squirtle.
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