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Originally Posted by p.claydon View Post
ok how do i get the pokemon out? ive added all the script stuff from the 1st post but dont know were to go from there (im also asuming the .anm files go in the animation folder
It's a simple set up. Just read it though and think of where you might find the stuff he is talking about. Also the .Anm does not go in that folder. It goes in the Data Folder.
Edit: For the people who can't figure out how to put this in I made a upload for them. This makes it so much easier on Zingzags. Just dowload and replace the folder you have. Warning! This will replace all scripts and Maps you have made. I suggest coping the Map data you all ready have and Replacing it once done. Make sure to delete the Map data in the folder once extracted. Your welcome Zingzags ;D I thought this would help.
Edit: Left the link out XD This file does not contain the Overworlds for it. The scripts are all seperated by me to make sure I know where to place stuff. I will update this link everytime there is a new update on the script.