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George Edmunds

George noticed the small grimace that Jack quickly hid at having to answer the question. It was probably a question he heard from everyone but George had been struggling to think of something to say and anything was better than an awkward silence. If he hadn’t caught the grimace then the boy may have just appeared rude. Somehow the boy seemed weary.

The girls had run into the forest. George had still not met the girl Lucia had followed into the forest but judging by Lucia’s earlier words he would soon enough. Kane jumped up onto George’s lap and gave a yawn before forcing his head under Georges hand and falling asleep. George idly scratched behind the Growlithe’s ear as Jack asked him another staple of friendly small talk. George jumped on the question in the hope of alleviating some of the awkwardness. Sometimes he thought he was the only one who thought such situations were awkward.

“My life story? Well there isn’t much to say really. Not without going into too much detail anyway. I come from Fuchsia City in Kanto although my family are not Kanto natives. My parents took research posts when I was very young at The Safari Park. Really I grew up in that park. It’s where I learnt about battling and about pokemon. I took the entrance exam for the academy on a whim. Now I’m here.”

It wasn’t an in depth account by any means but it gave Jack the gist. A yelp came from Aber over to the side. George glanced over quickly and smiled as he saw what had caused her to cry out. Uhuru had decided the rock Aber was napping on needed smashing. Aber had just been notified of this fact by Uhuru’s head. George turned back to Jack leaving them to it. They’d tire themselves out soon enough.

“What about you?” George remembered Jack’s reluctance to answer earlier and added quickly, “If it’s not too forward of me to ask that is.”
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