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Ruby Sapphire Fiona Destiny - Beach

Hikari looked around for Alexis as she was still underwater, untill Alexis took her by her back paw and pulled her underwater as well. Hikari managed to hold her breath just on time before she was underwater. She saw how Alexis smirked before she went to the surface.

Hikari stayed underwater for a lil longer, then she got an idea. Hikari could use shadow ball under water to let the water explode under Alexis, that way she would be send flying, not too high too, but it would be fun. Though, Hikari thought it could end up bad too, so she came to the surface, without doing her idea.

Ruby glanced at him as he said they would figure out something to do, Ruby smiled and nodded, feeling the warmth of his hand on her face. She saw this kind of things on tv, but never thought it would actually happen to her.

She suddenly saw how Daniel came closer, and started to stroke the tip of his nose against hers. Ruby didn't really mind, she closed her eyes and gave in to the feeling, starting to open up a little as she smiled and only had a lil blush on her cheeks.

Roxas Jaden Asakura - Outside the Pokemon Center

Roxas saw how Alice brought out her Grimer, probely so he could watch. Luna and Jaden nodded to alice as saying "nice to meet you too."

'You guys watch the battle okay?' Roxas said to Jaden and Luna before turning to Obilivio and nodding at him, making him nod as well. 'Let's start in slow-motion.' Roxas said with a gentle smile. 'Obilivio, do Aura Sphere, but in slow motion so that Alice gets the chance to think about her move.' Roxas said. Obilivio made a Aura Sphere slowly.
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