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I have made some progress since yesterday. Once I had rescued the bicycle shop owner in Eterna City, I fought Gardenia and was having a lot of trouble with my two-Pokemon squad, even with both Antoinette and Bijou at level 22 or so. But then I decided to see if evolving Bijou into a Luxio would help - problem solved!

Since then, I received Cynthia's egg. After a few resets, I managed to hatch a Modest one with Serene Grace, and at the moment, Francois the Togepi is currently being trained in the hidden cavern of Wayward Cave. He is about nine levels lower than the remainder of my squad, but that is okay.


Francois (male Togepi) [Lv. 16]
Bijou (female Luxio [Lv. 25]
Justine (female Bidoof - HM slave) [Lv. 12]
Antoinette (female Prinplup) [Lv. 25]
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