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Ill start the Ulimate Monotype Challege in Red, with the normal type please.


-I began my journey as RED, with my rival GREEN.
-Chose Charmander
-Caught a Pidgey, grinded said Pidgey to level 5, boxed Charmander.
-Caught a Rattata.
-Grinding, grinding.
-Caught a Spearow in the process!
-Now everyone is 10!
-Brock is too strong, more grinding.
-They mature so fast. Pidgeotto, Fearow, Raticate. All 20 now. :') Here I come Brock!
-Ah, Pidgeotto solo'd Brock.
Team: Pidgeotto Lvl. 20
Fearow Lvl. 20
Raticate Lvl. 20
Badges: 1
I laugh looking at this.

But sometimes I want to come back to it...