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To be frank, nobody knows what the Wii U's up to.

It is slightly more powerful than the current generation. To say it has revolutionary features would be an understatement. But there are a few flaws:

-8 GB Internal Flash Memory. Seriously? That can hold tonnes of WiiWare/VC games (aside from GameCube), but not Wii (U) games. And it can only hold up to 16 GCN games if we were lucky and the games weren't packed to the 2 GB of the GCN CD.

-Resistive Touch Screen. Although it allows precise use of the stylus, the use of the GamePad in the Wii U is better as capacitive than resistive. But then again, the 3DS isn't that bad with my finger, just needs a bit more pressure than phones or tablets. And with capacitive, the controller will be more expensive- and we don't want the Wii U to get the Vita treatment.

-Digital L/R/ZL/ZR triggers. Err... Most systems now have them analog.

That's it. I am glad the Wii U's launch lineup is strong. New Super Mario Bros U alone will cause some sales. Assassin's Creed III will no doubt fuel the sales further. Arkham City is going to be super-meh because everyone already played it. Also, Black Ops 2 is, according to a leak from the Nintendo Gamer magazine, is getting a November release [link] for the Wii U- so we have what the "hardcores" need.

I can safely say that I am looking forward to it. Not sure at all about the sales. The 3DS started slow, but is now outselling the Vita 10:1ish. Will the Wii U walk in its predecessor and it's handheld companion's steps or will it go in a completely different path (for better or for worse)? Time will tell.
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