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Lucia Francisco Bernavard

Lucia continued to run through the forest and finally came upon both Danielle and the. She let out a relieved sigh and smiled as she saw that Danielle was battling with Mienfoo once more. Perhaps the little fighter had gotten over whatever had been bothering him? Well, she hoped so, it wasn't good whenever a trainer and their pokmeon bickered, it just broke apart the team. She walked over to the boy and just groaned as Roberto got in front of her and opened a pincer and in less than a second was readying to fire a charge beam at the Sableye.

Lucia sighed and shook her head as she grabbed hold of the Scizor's shoulder, "It's not him Roberto. Lay down you attack." The Scizor just glared at the Sableye before he reluctantly lowered his arm with a snort. He grabbed hold of Lucia and dragged her away to another tree. Lucia sighed and gave a weak shrug to the boy as her overprotective guardian leaned next to her.

Tyro looking around and gasped, "Crud! I'll see you later then Blade!" He quickly ran through the forest and found the group just as he fell on his face. He looked up and immediately smiled at Snype. He ran over to the sableye and grabbed his hand and shook it. "Dude! A little dude! Hey there little dude! My name is Tyro! I'm awesome cause I'm a dude and you're a dude so that makes you awesome as well! Yeah, Rob over there is my bro! We're both bros and we're dudes as well so we're bro dudes! I'm always looking for bros! You can be a bro and then we can be training bros and then when we're training bros we can train and we can train longer because we'll get stronger and when we get stronger we can train for longer and then when we train longer..." At this rate it looked like the Combusken wouldn't stop talking for a long, long time.

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