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Danielle Accola - Forest

“Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!” The Yanma screeched as Mienfoo used his newly-learned move Drain Punch at him. He jumped back, and aimed his fist once again at it. The Pokemon was tempted to jump at it once again, but Danielle held him back.

“Calm down, Mienfoo. You've already weaken him.” she said.

“Miiiiiiiien!” Mienfoo wanted to attack more, but the Yanma was too weak to fight back. To prevent him from trying to attack more, Danielle decided to return him to his Pokeball. She reached into her bag and took out two. One of them will be used to catch the Yanma, as Danielle had anticipated earlier.

“Return Mienfoo. There's no reason for you to fight anymore.” As the red laser aimed at the growling Mienfoo, Mienfoo went straight back into the Pokeball, and puts it back inside the bag. Danielle then approached a bit closer to the weak Yanma. Calmly, she threw the Pokeball at the Yanma. “Pokeball, go.”

The ball opened and took Yanma in. As it closes, it shook once. It shook twice, and at the third shake. The red dot in the middle disappears, and that's what makes the Pokemon caught. Danielle has officially caught a Yanma. Danielle smiled lightly...but sighed, disappointed at Mienfoo. She picked up the Pokeball, and glanced at it. “I promise I'll try to fix the problems Mienfoo is having.”

As she added the Pokeball into the bag, she spotted both Lucia and Mark standing there. Lucia was with Roberto and Samuel on one side, while Mark and Snype at the other. Lucia's Combusken, Tyro was interacting with Snype. Danielle tried to wipe her tears as she saw them.

“Lucia! Mark! You're here!” Danielle smiled lightly as both were standing on opposite sides of the trees. “Any particular reason're both standing on both sides?” She took out Mienfoo's ball once again and took a glance. “Mienfoo's inside now. I'm not taking him out until I get this jealousy problem settled.”

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