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Update #6

Level grinded everybody up to Lv 40
took on the Elite 4

1 - Will was, by far, the most annoying. 3 words : STOP SPAMMING PSYCHIC
It took me forever to take his Jynx down.

2 - Koga was the second most annoying. Quagsire was doing fine when, all of a sudden... you know it's comming... EXPLOSION! *faint*... RAGE!

3 - Bruno was almost single-handedly defeated by Tentacruel thanks to Barrier / Rain Dance / Surf

4 - Karen was victim of hax . Dynamic punch hit on the first try, Vileplume suffered a Critical Ice Punch, Gengar flinched to Bites (once paralyzed). Houndoom was the only one who posed a threat taking down Quagsire because Crunch lowered his SpD and dark is still special... -.-'

Lance - He was sorta tricky... (teach Hyper Beam to ALL the pokémon!) Ice Punch 2HKO all the dragonites, Spark OHKOed Gyarados. Charizard and Aerodactyl were taken down by Tentacruel using Barrier (to soften HB blows) and Rain Dance and Surf did the job.

"Final" Team :

Lv 46
-Ice Punch
-Dynamic Punch

Lv 41

Lv 41
-Sludge Bomb
-Rain Dance

Lv 41
-Confuse Ray
-Thunder Wave

Well... off to get the other eight badges...
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