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Recently I've been figuring out how the game does scripts and I've gotten a bunch of good results.

a/0/5/7 contains the script files for a given map.

The main limitation is knowing what each command does and how many parameters it has. Scripting in BW is really easy and editing the script file for the map is really nice due to the narc filesystem.

some script commands with some sense so far

0000 nop
0001 nop1
0002 --
0012 xxxx
001A xxxx
002F -
0030 - 					doinstant
0032 -					waitbuttonthen
003C 0400 xxxx yyyy zzzz aaaa		textA
003D 0400 xxxx yyyy zzzz		textB
003E -
003F -
0046 xx xx
0049					textC
004C xx
0057 xx XXXX				Text Variables
0085 xxxx xxxx zzzz			start 1v# battle with ?logic?
0086 yyyy xxxx xxxx zzzz		start 2v# battle with ?logic?
0098 xxxx				PlayBGM
00BE mmmm xxxx yyyy ffff		f2b mapchange nosound
00BF mmmm xxxx yyyy ffff		spinwarp
00C0					soundless variable door warp
00C1 					sandpit
00C2 mmmm xxxx yyyy ffff		f2b mapchange with sound
00C3					goto union
00C4					instant change, bad
00C5					play surf anim
00C6					gooey push
00C7					play cut anim
0178 dddd ll				wildencounter dex level
I've been posting this stuff and more over at ProjectPokemon; can't directly link due to my postcount limit here...
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