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Well, I don't think I've posted in this club since waaaaaaaay back when o.0 But hey there's a first (or second or third or whatever) time for everything. Look's like we're talking about how we got started playing SSB, so yeah, I'll just continue the conversation.

I started with Brawl, which I'm not totally proud of. In fact, I've never once played Melee, and I only just played the original SSB for the first time last week. I first played Brawl quite a few years ago, though; In fact my friend got it just after it was released. We spent hours on that thing, just smashing each others faces in, sometimes virtually. Of course, we pretty much sucked at it, and my friend never played story mode, so he never unlocked any extra characters. I practically plaed as Link the entire time, and my friend was almost always Mario. We were pretty much even, but we never really got better for a really long time. In fact, my friend eventually forgot about the game (sniff) and he's never gotten good. I, on the other hand, found a group of friends who played the game constantly, and we had these huge tournaments every time we saw each other. So tl;dr, I love SSB.