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Originally Posted by bizebest View Post
Hi, Just a quick heads up.
It seems you're using your Croconaw in battle as cannon fodder. You are supposed to use ONLY the Steel (to be) pokemon on your team, in battle. It's supposed to be a challenge

Yeah. Didn't think of that. That was in the middle of the battle and I forgot the rule. Sorry. Will not do that again.

Just a small update before I went back to class:


-Went to Ilex Forest.
-My, my. Lost Farfetch'd? Kinda reminds me of the GetBackers.
-Anyway, recovered the two Farfetch'd, and the client paid me with Cut and a charcoal.
-Taught Croconaw Cut.
-Explored the Ilex Forest. Encountered the Headbutt Masochist and had him taught my equally masochist Togepi Headbutt.
-Returned to Violet City and after minutes of making my Togepi's head ache because of multiple Headbutts, captured a Pineco. Named him Spike.
-Currently grinding Spike to acceptable levels. Excited that I will now be forced at some time after this to use Selfdestruct/Explosion. Never used them before. :D

Another update:


-Grinded Spike until I am satisfied.
-Captured an Aipom since Pickup is sooo coooool. Replaced Togepi with Aipom.
-Cleared the Ilex Forest.
-The woman in thick white makeup again? WTF
-Now, you are claiming I didn't see you before? More WTF
-Got lost? Don't have GPS? Google Maps? Even a simple Map Card? Much more WTF
-My, my. My Spike is much more genius than you.
-Claimed TM12 and cleared Route 34. Here I am, Goldenrod City!
-Police, wanting a Pokemon brawl? Not really thinking, aren't we?
-Cleared Underground. Damn that Grimer, giving me problems.
-Gone to Radio Station. Noticed that girl in the counter. Looks like one of those wannabe Idols.
-Gym Leader? You? I had enough of those WTF moments..
-Bought Solarbeam and after many times of trying, quitted the Draw.
-Customers not allowed in the basement? Who do you think I am?
-Went to Gym. Cleaned the Gym of all those wannabe Idols. Now, time for their leader to suffer the same fate.



-vs Clefairy: Nothing much really. Just killed herself with a Metronomed Memento on the first round.
-vs Miltank: Much harder than Clefairy. Much harder to take down. Took a few Sandstorms, Screech and Rock Tombs from Rocky II. Swap him for Spike when Attract was used. Managed to stall with Protect and also managed not to use Selfdestruct.
-Plain Badge get!

Team Baron:


Rocky II/Onix - Lv 24
-Rock Tomb/Sandstorm/Harden/Screech

Spike/Pineco - Lv 23
-Rapid Spin/Protect/Selfdestruct/Bug Bite

Croconaw - Lv 18
-Rock Smash/Cut/Water Gun/Bite

Aipom- Lv 3
-Scratch/Tail Whip/Headbutt