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Originally Posted by CarefulWetPaint View Post
Ignoring Koga & Wallace, which Gym Leader(s) is worthy to be an Elite Four or Champion? Explain your reasoning.

Whitney, cause really whose harder to beat in game then her and her Miltank! I think this makes her deserving of a place in the E4, plus a normal trainer in the E4 would be super interesting.

Clair could also make the cut but her region already has a dragon champion and I think two may be a bit much..
Only a weakness from Fighting type, Normal Type can be a very tough challenge. Whitney would be an amazing Elite Four member herself!
Originally Posted by Symbonite View Post
Name: Symbonite
Your Gym Leader: Byron
2 Partner Pokemon(Read the Rules): Steelix and Bastiodon
Why have you joined to be trained: I loved the idea of Gym Leaders since R/B/Y. And a majority of them have given me a battle that I always remember.

Ignoring Koga & Wallace, which Gym Leader(s) is worthy to be an Elite Four or Champion? Explain your reasoning.
I would have to say Sabrina. She's a really tough opponent, and has proved such Anime wise and game wise.
Welcome to the club Symbonite! Sorry it took a while to get you updated, but you're in! Don't be shy to post new topics/discussions if you have any questions! Also I agree, Sabrina, aka my all-time favorite Gym Leader, was not only strong, but scary in the Anime! She's proven her wrath as a gym leader.
Originally Posted by Olli97 View Post
Welcome to the club, Symbonite, hope you'll have fun.

Ignoring Koga & Wallace, which Gym Leader(s) is worthy to be an Elite Four or Champion? Explain your reasoning.

Uhm, I'd say either Sabrina or Whitney. Both gym leaders were tough opponents, and had well trained Pokémon, and good strategies as far as the AI brain goes. While Sabrina relies on her complete team to finish off the player, with as an addition a few of the Pokémon are stronger than others, her battle can wage on for a while if you're not prepared, as well as, if I remember correctly, her Hypnosis attacks are a real pain in the butt.

Whitney on the other hand is mainly tough because of her Miltank, though Clefairy should also be aknowledged. If you used male Pokémon against her Clefairy, the attract would just be a constant annoyance untill it was finally finished off, and Double Slap can really damage you by that time. Though after that pain has been taken care of, she sends out her ever so annoying Miltank to dominate you with a combination of Rollout and Milk Drink, which has left me raging many times Only thing that she would need to be qualified for the E4 team would be more Pokémon, as a team of 2 Pokémon can't really cut it for that position.

So yeah, both have unique battle styles, and both are equally effective, so yeah.
I'm surprised you didn't say Clair I mean, both Lance and Clair has a history, and Clair has a Kingdra as devastating Pokemon. You don't think she's Elite Four material?
Originally Posted by Cosmotone8 View Post
I think that Volkner would make a good fit in the Elite Four. He was extremely difficult for me and I would have lost if not for my Dialga. Aside from him, I think that Fantina would also make a good elite four. Her team was annoying yet powerful and she used them collectively, kinda like what Olli said about Sabrina.
Interesting. I found Dialga/Palkia a bit shady to capture during/before finishing the final gym battles. I mean, it's like using Mewtwo in Pokemon Red/Blue/Green/Yellow from facing Brock to Giovanni. Kind of disappointing at that.