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  • Pop- Pikachu and Charizard cause they're the most popular Pokemon.
  • Rock- Loudred, it's based off a boombax/amplifier and rock music uses a lot of amplifiers to project the sound of the guitars.
  • Hip-Hop/Rap - Scraggy and Scrafty cause of their "baggy pants" and they have a gangster like appearance something that is associated with hip-hop/rap music.
  • Electronic/techno- Rotom. It can take control of electronic devices. If it can take control of a washing machine, I'm sure it use electricity to take control of a synthesizer or turntable. I think there should be a Sound Rotom, shapped like speakers or a phone.
  • Dubstep- Seismitoad - again the large "speaker like bumps" would be helpful with projecting a lot of bass.
  • Punk- Again Scraggy and Scrafty - their hoodlum/rebel appearance and the mohawks on their head
  • Christian rock/worship -Arceus, obviously cause it's like God.
  • Opera- Jynx , she looks at lot like the stereotypical black woman female opera singer, with the breast plates. I also associate Jynx with gospel music cause they also look gospel singers and in the original artwork she had black skin, which is what caused the controversy of Jynx looking a stereotypical "blackface".
  • Jazz- Swalot and Grumpig .I associate jazz with the colors purple and black and since both of have a black and purple color scheme, I'm reminded of jazz music. And for some reason I picture Swalot playing a double bass.
  • Screamo- Exploud. It's the Loud Noise Pokemon and it's very wide mouth makes it look like it's screaming.
  • Country- same as AlexOzzyCake here. Cacturne cause I can imagine it playing banjo and it comes from the dessert which always reminds me of country music and living in the country.
  • Classical - Gardevoir. It's the long dress thing it wears and how it looks very elegant.
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