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Daniel Sabrak
The Beach

Alexis continued splashing around as Hikari came up for air, grinning lightly at the little dog-Pokémon.
“Enjoyed your little dive, mmh?” she snickered playfully, glancing over at the two trainers with a smile and a shake of her head before returning to Hikari.

“Say, Hikari, how do you do with the other Pokémon on Ruby’s team? Do you get along well with them?”

Daniel really couldn’t believe he was sitting here, with a girl, rubbing his nose against hers… and she seemed to be enjoying it too! As it was right now, Daniel wasn’t even sure this was still Ruby. The way the golden locks of hair framed her petite, cute face, and her large, aqua-blue eyes stared up at him happily, she seemed more like an angel than anything else.

Daniel chuckled a little and shook the idea off before leaning in, pecking her lips softly once more, feeling just a little more brave now that he’d had the chance to enjoy her company for a while.
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