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Quote originally posted by Unknown#:
Well, here are some more maps from my project, which I have decided to call Pokèmon Bronze.


This is the redone starting town, now called Aloe Town

This is Route 1.

And this is Lento Town, which is the second town.

Once again, I am happy with any and all feedback, so please give me your opinion on these maps.
They look great and I like the GSC style

Quote originally posted by Aamelo:
Well. This is another of my maps. A Snowy one, that was actually for a non Pokemon Game, even if made in its style. This is Jolly Town and was made up based on a old map of a 'Friend' of Mine. The Building at the Top is a Art Museum.
(Tiles by LighterZein and PrinceLegendario)

(The Trees aren't blured out tiles, it just happen do to the Fact it was printed directly from RPG Maker XP, at actual size, they look okay)

Also my opinions on Unknown Maps. I love to see GSC, and, even if the tiles were actually like that, I don't think the white behind some houses looks that nice. Still, I love the way that you did. This actually makes me want to map a GSC Map :I

Well, Opinions on this map?
Your map has lots of variety and I think it looks great overall
Are you mapping for fangames?

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