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Originally Posted by NavySealGR View Post

-Tornadus [OT]
-Kabuto [OT][Egg if you want]
-Anorith [OT][Egg if you want]
-Lileep [OT][Egg if you want]
-Volcarona [OT]
- Gyarados [OT][Magikarp Egg if you want]

and what's Mew name?
Mew lol.Um i suppose the non legendaries are shiny right?

Originally Posted by pokemonranger109 View Post
Look at my thread at my shinys on gen 4 im intrested in your crown reiku!
I'll give 2 shiny regulars OR 1 shiny legand.
But chck it out i have some rare pokes like shiny wynut and shiny giratina..
Your shiny Crobat Lv. 64 Naughty and shiny Wynaut Lv. 1 Timid seem interesting.My time is GMT +2 ill be online on my 8 pm.Right now to me its 9:59 pm so that means tomorrow for me.I repeat my time is GMT +2 just google it and convert it to your time.If the time is not good for you,just tell me your GMT and when in your time you are available to trade