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Quote originally posted by TheAC29:
xD LOL that's why:
"Luxray are extremely vicious and predatorial, although when tamed and trained correctly they can become very loyal and faithful, protecting their Trainer from danger. They tend to be stubborn and can administer extreme amounts of power through their electricity"
Source: here

"Very loyal and faithful"

Source: here
I never noticed the loyalty part about Luxray's Pokedex description. In fact, I should really be reading those descriptions for more Pokemon, haha! Anyway, it's intriguing. Almost exactly like how I'd imagine a Luxray would be from its appearance. Also, great fanart! brb, making a Luxray named Mufasa

Quote originally posted by Pokeace540:
Hey, guys... My favorite electric-type Pokemon of all of them is Emolga... It's SO cute. Emolga's also a strong eletrical-type Pokemon with this cool move called Volt Switch that I always seem to use in battle.
As useful that move is, it's just brought back terrible memories from my first battle against Elesa. Ugh :c

Quote originally posted by AlexOzzyCake:
What do you think is the strongest Electric type Pokemon and why? For extra fun, don't include legendaries! ;D
I think Wash Rotom is a good contender for the strongest Electric-type. STAB Hydro Pump and Thunderbolt actually has a pretty good coverage, Volt Switch allows for some scouting/hit-and-run tactics, while access to Will-O-Wisp can cripple any physical threats, and adds to Wash Rotom's bulk. It has Levitate to negate Ground-type moves, and while its Water typing gives it a Grass weakness, but it also grants resistances to some common offensive types, such as Water and Fire.

While I've never used one in a team before, its stats and typing just sound really good on paper. Or maybe I've just been influenced by all the OU competitive battles I've been watching recently, haha!