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I can't even begin to describe how unbelievably easy the first two gym leaders sound. Cheren's team can easily be beaten down by just your starter as long as it's at around the same level as his Pokemon. Speaking of levels, both Cheren and Homika have weaker teams than the Striaton trio and Lenora, respectively, so they're slightly weaker even in that aspect.

Also, I think it would have made more sense to have Shizui replace Brycen as the 7th leader and have Drayden maintain his position as the 8th leader. Could Drayden as the 7th leader mean a downgraded/watered down version of his team from B/W, a la Cheren with Lenora?

Massively disappointed. I'm hoping that the other gym leaders make things more interesting. I'd like to see more interesting Pokemon on the leader's teams. Maybe Burgh could have an Accelgor, or Shizui a Carracosta?