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Quote originally posted by Hikari10:
Pretty disappointed with Burgh's team.

It's the same as in B/W but they replaced his Whirlipede with a Swadloon, probably because Homika has Whirlipede.

Shizui being the final Gym surprised me though, and I want to point this out - this is the first time a Dragon Gym Leader isn't the last Gym. What do you think of this change?

Cheren's team is basically a scaled-down version of Lenora's, which was a bit disappointing.
It's not the first time. RBY, Emerald and DPPt didn't have dragon types. Giovanni had Ground, Juan had Water and Voltner had Electric. In fact Dragon was only used in the final gym in Johto.

Also Elesa's team is Emolga & Flaaffy at Level 28 and Zebstrika at Level 30

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