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Daniel Sabrak
The Beach

Alexis nodded slowly while listening, paddling in place to keep herself afloat. Her eyes slowly widened at the mention of the several massive Pokémon that were apparently able to walk around in Ruby’s house without any problems. She shook her head in light disbelief.

“Wow, that must be a –huge- house! Daniel’s dorm room is also pretty big, but nothing like that…” She nodded her head, clearly impressed and sploshed over to and around Hikari, enjoying the lukewarm waters.

Daniel pulled a little back again, still smiling brightly, as if he had gotten exactly what he had wanted for Christmas. He wrapped his arm around Ruby’s back and gave her a gingerly, soft little squeeze before turning his head, peering at the two Pokémon splashing around.

He then noticed the sun slowly setting behind the horizon, making him wrinkle his nose a little and glance down at Ruby again. “It’s… getting a little late. I should really get back to my room and get to learn my new Pokémon. I-is that alright? We can always meet up some other time in the next days. A-and I’ve got your number, so I’ll send you a little message tonight, so you can get a hold of me whenever you want!”
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