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Quote originally posted by Reshiram Man:
There is a new area in Castelia City:

17:00; Wild Eevee can be found within Castelia City. This is done in a small park area. The area also houses Buneary, Rattata, Pidove, Cottonee and Petilil.

It seems nice to have a small area like that to catch pokemon within Castelia.

16:46; There's a building called the "Strange House". It's unusually empty
16:56; New Town; Yamaji Town (ヤマジタウン)

There is two new places revealed in Unova, one's a town, and the other's a house.
Strange House.....sounds like some sort of event location or daily occurrence.

And yes, there's a screenshot of a frozen Unova...maybe that's post game in Southeastern Unova. It also looks deserted in whatever city/town in that same screenshot as well.
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