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Anything will be better than Drayden's old puzzle. I HATE THAT SO MUCH. What made it worse was that it would reset if you left the gym! ):< I also wasn't a huge fan of Clay's. Hoping it's a little shorter now. Burgh's was okay, but a change would be nice. Since none of his Pokemon had any relation with honey it was quite weird.

Originally Posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire View Post
By the way what town was Snizui's gym in?
I hope they announce they have rematches. I hope Cheren has a Slacking.
You battle Cheren again at the world tourney. He has Stoutland, Cinccino and Watchog. Pretty boring tbh. And it hasn't been mentioned yet. My guess is one of the towns one the east of Unova. Probably Undella since it's surrounded by water.
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