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Quote originally posted by XSky RiderX:
Yeah, I just watched that. Very interesting to say the least.

Seems that we'll be seeing Harlequins again in his gym. Also, with the new gym music, which is real soothing-sounded, I'm curious to see if all of the other gyms will be receiving new music instead of the standard music that they had for every one of them. I think it's more than likely, honestly.

Also, not a fan of Burgh's team. Vespiquen would have been a perfect addition seeing as it's making an appearance to the game's pokedex.
Judging by Burgh's Gym, hope of varied Gym Music is a possibility.

And wow, Vespiquen's is in the Pokedex....that's a missed opportunity. Just swap out Dwebble for it and there's a better challenge in my opinion.
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