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Originally Posted by Renegade1 View Post
Agreed, Team Rocket are pretty sweet now. However I miss the comedy they bring.

@Topic; Ash is a noob. End off.
I for one don't really miss the old Team Rocket. There comedy started good, but it was just the same gags over and over again eventually. Although, you can't say the part where they painted Meowth like Umbreon wasn't pretty funny,

About Ash being a noob... he isn't supposed to be. He has a ton of experience, he would've won the Lily of the Valley Conference if Tobias hadn't been cheating and using a Darkrai... He sure isn't acting like the pro he is, and it's reeeeally annoying. Especially after following this series since I was a kid.

Also, it seems like some of his character development didn't really stick. He's gotten over and confidence issues he has by now, but his fight for the Basic Badge was a mess. He was completely unsure of himself.
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