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Originally Posted by Obrusnine View Post
Yea, Ash got extremely lucky throughout Kanto. But he started getting honestly good in Johto, and really started to show maturity and professionalism in Hoenn. In Sinnoh, he got really good.

The show is at it's best when Ash uses incredibly unorthodox but clever solutions to solve his problems. I'm not seeing much of that in Black and White at all, except for when he used Water Gun to bounce Oshawotts shell into the air after bouncing it's attack off the wall (epic win).

Seriously, it's like they pressed the rewind button on Ash's skills and character development to when he was just entering Johto, XD
Yeah, I saw that episode the other day! I was like 'hrm, bet Cilan told him to do it, through his mind' LOL.

I disagree partially@ him getting increasingly better, I'm up to Hoenn again (where he just won the Balance Badge). I guess in little ways he did. But everytime a new region appears he starts off like a noob. I mean in Hoenn he challenged for the Balance badge at the start and got his backside whooped. I don't really mind though, it's like a new journey which keeps me interested as to the path he takes once more.

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