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Chapter 8: Secrets and Lies

It was three weeks since Jeff was released by Bowser and he was now settling in Peach's castle but was looking for somewhere else to live in the meantime. Jeff had decided to visit Toad Town Library to look for some books as he wanted to learn about the history of the Mushroom Kingdom. The library was located on the south side of Toad Town and Jeff walked in and to the back of the library where all the history books were located. He was about to scan through some books when he heard a familiar voice. one which he hadn't heard for many years.

"Hello Jeff," the voice said. Jeff froze for a second when he recognised the voice before turning around.

"Julie," Jeff said surprised. "So this is where you've been hiding for the past seven years."

The woman who was called Julie smiled and nodded.

"It's nice to see you too. I never thought I'd see any of my Earth friends again. When I first appeared in this world, I was discovered by a toad who housed me until I found a place of my own just outside Toad Town," Julie said. "I found out from a koopa troopa that you were here and tried to locate you but he got to you first."

"You knew I was with the koopas?" Jeff asked.

"Oh yes. I have been in contact with the koopa troopa you know as Marcus," Julie said. "He is a good koopa, whatever you believe about him and the others. Several of Bowser's troops have been quite helpful and I have learnt a lot from them about the true history of their way of life as well as their feud with the Mushroom Kingdom."

"What do you mean by the true history?" Jeff asked.

"None of these books here will teach you the truth, they are nothing but warped lies and twisted tales about how koopas are sadistic and evil and portray their rulers such as Bowser as a tyrant," Julie said. Jeff looked at Julie with a puzzled look. "Lets sit down and I'll tell you more," Julie said.

"I think that's a good idea," Jeff said and they sat down in a corner at the back of the library.

"We have to be careful as what I am about to show and tell you is very confidential plus we never know who may be eavesdropping. The only reason I'm here is to do some reference on the fake history taught here so I was lucky to bump into you." Julie said.

"Okay, well I have all day so if what you are saying is true then I would like to know the true history," Jeff said.

"The truth is that King Oscar II of the Mushroom Kingdom is the real tyrant. He along with his murdering sidekick Mario, has been responsible for the deaths of many of Bowser's troops including his own wife Francine. Bowser, on the other hand has stolen and he has kidnapped many toads but he has reasons for that plus he has never killed anyone in the process. Most of the toads he has enslaved are spies of Oscar and are a big threat to him and his kingdom," Julie said. Jeff listened with interest in silence as Julie continued her talk on the history and stories of the Mushroom and Koopa Kingdoms.

"What about Peach, what is her part in it?" Jeff asked.

"Peach, as far as I know, is innocent. She is completely oblivious but I do know one thing about her," Julie said.

"What's that?" Jeff said.

"Well from what I've been told, Peach has been in league with Bowser the whole time. I have even heard that Peach is the koopalings' real mother but I don't know the validity of that story," Julie said shocking Jeff. "And as for Toadsworth, he is just a racist koopa hater. If word ever got out that Peach was with Bowser and that she is indeed the mother of the koopalings, then all hell will break loose."

"Wow, I never thought of Peach like that," Jeff said. Julie then showed Jeff some documents what she had aquired while researching the history of the Mushroom Kingdom. In the documents contained hand-written journals, photos and books different to the books what were already on display in the library.

"So what is your connection to the koopa kingdom and how did you learn all this?" Jeff asked.

"Not long after landing in the Mushroom Kingdom, I wanted to learn everything I could. I realised that there was a lot of hositility between the toads and the koopas so I decided to study both sides of their stories. At first, the toads version of events looked to be plausible but while staying with some toads, I overheard a conversation about how they were planning to murder some koopas, which shocked me. I knew they were enemies but didn't realise how bad the toads felt about the koopas so I travelled to the koopa kingdom and told them what I had heard. I also asked if I coulf learn about their history and I found tons of evidence including taped recordings of Oscar's brutality and how Bowser is really quite the opposite," Julie explained. Jeff was listening carefully while looking through Julie's documents.

"So after a while, I confided in some of Bowser's troops who I saw patrolling the city I was in and asked them if I could have a talk with Bowser. It took quite a bit of convincing as koopas don't like humans much but they eventually came round and had a word with Bowser. Bowser then let me talk to him and they, Bowser's troops, filled me in on some of the darker truths of the Mushroom Kingdom. There's a lot more to it than what I've just told you. If you want to know more, you should go to the koopa kingdom to find out. I am currently on good terms with them so tell them I sent you and they'll protect you," Julie said.

"That's a nice story Julie and its good that the koopas trust and respect you. What about the Mushroom Kingdom?" Jeff asked.

"They don't know that I am allied with the koopas. If I was found out, I'd be banished so this is just between you and me. Don't let anyone in this town know we've had this conversation or we could both be executed for treason," Julie said.
"I'll be sure to keep this secret. In the meantime, I'm going to take a trip back to Castle Koopa, hopefully they'll let me in," Jeff said standing up. "It's nice to see you again Julie, I hope we meet again.

"We will and good luck," Julie said taking her documents back and placing them in a folder.

Jeff walked out of the library and was quite shaken and spooked at what he had just learnt. The new knowledge he now had changed everything. He headed out to Toad Town and began the long trek back to Castle Koopa in the hope of getting more answers.
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