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That was so intense! They did a really good job making it seem like team avatar was going to lose, which most good/bad stories aren't able to do. I loved Amon's back-story. My reaction to Tarrlock blowing up the boat was: "Oh. Awwww." (I actually felt bad for Amon). I liked General Iroh. And Asami, THANK YOU for finally getting rid of your stupid father. NAGA RULEZ! I liked the endng, finally some Aang/airbending, though I still want Korra to go into the spirit world/chill out with Koh. Poor Asami at the end. And yay for Lin getting her bending back. When Amon was gonna take Tenzin + his kids' airbending away, I was so sad! And I really love how bloodbending/metalbending didn't just disappear after the first series. It shows the creators really think things through. SEASON TWO Y U NO COME YET?!

*sorry this is really scrambled, it's just how my thoughts are after all that info was absorbed.



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