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I was kind of hoping hypercam wasn't the way to go, it puts a stupid watermark in the corner and it looks horrible... Well I suppose I will have to go with that... I guess, videos aren't what makes the game, it brings the fans... Yeah I usually do save them in JPEG, but they are posted here so if any jackass decides they want to steal them, then they will be cursed and they will die of aids... Nonetheless, I created these a long time ago, I just recently posted them here, I will just screenshot when I made them and show the noob what a jabroni he/she is... Sorry for the graphic content... I hate thieves!!!

Production is still going great, I'm learning so many new things with Essentials and scripting that I change my game so many times haha! Progress is still on-going tho, my starters have change, again, haha! The way you get the starter has also changed! *Sigh*

I guess, when I download hypercam, I will have a video up and running of the game play up to -Pewter City-, I won't battle the leader, that is your job, I know how to beat him with ease and what Pokémon are where etc. So I will leave the gym leaders up to you, instead, I may just use a temp switch to bypass the gym or gyms, and show you a bit more gameplay, I will most probably skip most battles except wild encounters...

Saying Encounters... I would like peoples opinions on this:

Should I reveal the Pokémon locations;
  1. Only Reveal Commons.
  2. Reveal Commons and Uncommons.
  3. Reveal up to Rares.
  4. Reveal all Pokémon locations.
  5. None of the above.
Options 3 and 4 is something I didn't/don't want to do as I think it would be fun for you guys, when you start to play my game, to talk amongst each other and reveal if you find a rare, and, each new rare that is found and posted here, would be added to the list... Depending on the rarity itself, I would put in the correct place.

Options 1 and 2 are the choices I will most probably go for, but I'd like your input, come on guys, without your input I will probably go for option 1.

Incase you are wanderring, I have 6 rarities;
Common, Uncommon, Rare, *Super Rare, *Ultra Rare and *Rumoured.
Each with a higher to lower chance of encounter... And believe me it took me over an hour (think around the hour and a half mark) of game play to find a Rare , Which is kind of how I want it to go, but at another location I found a Super Rare within 10 minutes (I'm sure around 4-6 minutes)... To add, I would like to point out, that each area or location, in my game has at least 1 rare, but could also have --->up to<--- a Rumoured Pokémon... The rare doesn't neccessarily have to be something like a Mew, it can be something like a Caterpie too, I guess what I'm saying is, if it's on my list, it's a common/uncommon, if it's not, you just found yourself an uncommon/rare*... I would like to release this before the game, and, the video, so I don't give too much away during the video.

Also, would you like me to reveal the starter or would you prefer me to start the game without seeing the starter selection screen?