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Just so you know, less than 4 EVs in any one stat does nothing for that stat.

If you want to fit your Strike-fast-strike-hard archetype, Machamp is a bit out of place (even if you implement PlatinumDude's suggestions) in the Generation V metagame. This is a bit hard to fix because you're only using Generation I pokemon. Gengar would be a good staple on this team, but then all of your Pokemon except Dragonite are special-based, including Chansey. You can use Shell Smash Cloyster in place of Machamp, too:

Cloyster @ Focus Sash/Life Orb/White Herb
Jolly (Naive if using Hydro Pump) | Skill Link
Shell Smash
Icicle Spear
Rock Blast
Razor Shell/Hydro Pump
EVs: 4 HP (4 SpAtk if using Hydro Pump)/252 Atk/252 Spe

I'd look in to this if I were you.
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