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What are your opinions on the difficulty on how to get shiny Pokemon. Most people are saying that this game makes it too easy. In my opinion it's still probably going to be difficult for me.
  • First we have the already existing Masuda method. It could still take thousands of eggs to get a shiny. But then with a certain item (Round Charm), eggs will be easier to get.
  • Next, there's the Shiny Charm. This item makes it so it's easier to find shiny Pokemon. By what percentage, is a mystery. But even if it made the chances 1 in 200, it would still be hard to obtain. The only way to receive this Key(?) item is to have every Pokemon in the Pokedex, which will probably require almost every DS game in the series. You probably won't need the event exclusives so that makes it a bit easier. Also, there is no word that the effects of MM and the charm will stack.
  • And now we have our freebies, which are Haxorus and Gible. Haxorus will probably be hard to catch, due to it having Guillotine and having a capture rate of 45 (it will escape a few times). You'd also need to see every Pokemon in the Unova Dex. And Gible will probably be hard too. Banjiro is most likely going to be a tough opponent.

So what are your opinions on the shiny Pokemon difficulty?

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