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Here's a quick update on my Platinum Ground Run! I had left off right after beating Gardenia...

- Cleared the Eterna Warehouse and got the Bicycle.
- Caught Gligar on Route 206, and after a bit of exploring, realized that the secret entrance to Wayward Cave wasn't blocked with boulders, so I went and caught Gible too.
- Headed to Hearthome City.
- Before battling Fantina, evolved Gible into Gabite.
- GYM BATTLE! I've played through Platinum a few times, and Fantina tends to be a pain because of Mismagius. This time wasn't too bad. Shellos took care of Duskull, and then the Mismagius came out. Gligar started things off with a couple of Faint Attacks, and Grotle finished things off with a couple of Bites. Some luck was evident here, as Grotle had a Quick Claw attached. Finally, Gabite and Dragon Rage took care of Haunter.
- Beat my Rival, Barry, on the way out of Hearthome.
- Cleared Route 209 and reached Solaceon Town.
- Skipped as much as I could on 210 and 215 (and the Lost Tower). Went onto 214 and caught Rhyhorn, and found a Razor Fang.
- Went back through and covered what I had missed. Evolved Shellos into Gastrodon, and Gligar into Gliscor in preparation for the gym battle.
- GYM BATTLE! Maylene wasn't too horribly difficult. Gliscor and Night Slash took care of Meditite, and Machoke went down to some Dragon Rages and Slashes from Gabite. Lucario was dispatched of with Gastrodon's Mud Bombs.

And then Dawn was waiting outside of the gym, telling me that her Pokedex has been stolen by Team Galactic! To be continued...

Current Team:
Rhyhorn Lv. 27
Grotle Lv. 28
Gabite Lv. 29
Gastrodon Lv. 30
Gliscor Lv. 31