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Chapter 13: The Union

After the marriage of Peach and Bowser, they went to Isle Delfino for their honeymoon for a week. After their honeymoon, they returned to Toad Town to see that work on Peach's castle was still ongoing. Both Bowser's troops and their toad prisoners were working hard on the extensions to Peach's castle and at the same time, another group of koopas and toads were working on Castle Koopa.

“Bowser, you're back,” Clive said seeing Bowser back.

“Yay, they're back,” some troops cheered.

“Welcome back, Bowser. How did it go?” Jeff said.

“It went great. Me and Peach stayed in Isle Delfino for a week and have been planning to unite the kingdoms as soon as both castles have been finished on,” Bowser replied.

“How is my castle going?” Peach asked.

“The extensions are almost finished,” Clive said.

“What about Castle Koopa?” Bowser asked.

“It will be a few more days, maybe even a week before Castle Koopa gets rebuilt again. The troops there along with the prisoners have been working non-stop so if all goes well, it could be finished by tomorrow,” Clive replied.

“Good, I can't wait to see it. The sooner the castle gets built, the sooner we can press ahead with the union,” Bowser said as Clive went back to work.

“Where shall we stay in the meantime? We can't stay in the castle while they are working,” Peach asked Bowser.

“We shall stay in the inn for now, as I am now married to you, the innkeeper should let us stay,” Bowser replied. So they went to the inn where they stayed while work was going on at their castles.
After a week, Bowser and Peach went back to Peach's castle.

“Peach, I am happy to report that your castle is complete,” a hammer brother said walking over to Bowser and Peach.

“It looks great,” Peach said looking at the now bigger Peach's castle.

“What about my castle?” Bowser said.

“Castle Koopa is also complete and we can now move back in,” the hammer brother said.

“I want to see for myself,” Bowser said. “Come on Peach, lets go in my Clown Copter and have a look at my castle.”

Bowser and Peach jumped into Bowser's Clown Copter and travelled to Dark Land and saw Castle Koopa much bigger than ever before.

“It looks beautiful,” Bowser said as they descended down to ground and they were greeted by many of Bowser's troops all happy to see them.

“Congratulations everyone, I must thank every one of you for taking so much effort and time to get my castle back up. You are all so wonderful troops and I am very honoured and happy to have you all as part of my empire,” Bowser said getting quite emotional.

“Hey, no need to get all sentimental,” one of the troops said. “We're just doing our job. We love working for you and we are proud to be members of the koopa empire.”

“Bowser, Bowser, Bowser!” the troops chanted. Bowser was used to this kind of behaviour, his troops practically worshipped him.

“Thank you everyone,” Bowser said. “Now Peach, care to join me in having a look inside.”

“Of course Bowser,” Peach said. “I'd love to come inside with you.”

Bowser and Peach walked into the castle and were greeted by troops while inside. It looked similar to the original Castle Koopa but with better walls and the layout was slightly different. After going through every room, they walked out.

“So Bowser, do you want to do this now?” Peach asked. “The union I mean.”

“Yes, lets begin the union of our two kingdoms right away,” Bowser said. Bowser then walked over to the group of troops who were waiting and began to speak.

“Firstly where are the prisoners I told you to look after and help you work on the castle,” Bowser asked.

“We put them in the dungeons, the ones used for Peach's castle will be taken here later,” one of the troops said.

“Release them,” Bowser said. “Bring them out here.”

“Release them? Are you sure?” the troop asked surprised.

“I'm very sure. After the union is completed, then the prisoners will no longer be needed. Unless of course they are dead against this union and start acting aggressively or something then they can go straight back in,” Bowser said.

“I'll bring them out to you right away,” the troop said and went back in the castle.

After a while, the troop had brought all the toads out unharmed. After a while, everyone present at both Toad Town and Castle Koopa gathered at the border of the Mushroom/Koopa Kingdoms. Ludwig gave Bowser an official document, in which both he and Peach signed. This document meant that both kingdoms could be united and both rulers could be co-rulers of both kingdoms. Everyone cheered and started to party. For the first time in the history of the Mushroom Kingdom, both toads and koopas joined together as friends. Also for the first time, Bowser made it legal for toads to join the koopa empire and both Peach's and Bowser's Castle had joint roles in the empire.


(Sorry if this chapter is a bit short and seems a bit rushed, I didn't know what else to do with it and had come to the end of the story anyway. I may get round to doing some other short stories unrelated to this although with the same characters.)
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