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1 question:
I thought you will do first the 1st, the 2nd and 3rd generation?
A little bit confused ;D
Did you change your plans?
Does it matter? I can do both. I'm doing Gen I and V right now.

Originally Posted by kyle_649 View Post
Since the release of pokemon black/white 2, i have been updating my kyurem form sprites. I have just redone the front sprite of white kyurem
Not that there's anything wrong with your White Kyurem, but I specifically want them to be posed like the boxart.

For instance, here is my WIP Black Kyurem:

They're still WIP because I'm not satisfied with all of the outlining, but my main point is that I was planning on having White Kyurem posed like the White 2 box art, because I posed Black Kyurem like the Black 2 boxart.

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