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Quote originally posted by Lapras*:
I actually really liked Vanillish line but I dislike Garbodor, not just because it's a trash Pokemon but because it's just not something I like. Saying stuff like "its an ice cream Pokemon" or "it's a pile of trash" isn't really valid because...

We have eggs and a pile of sludge... if these were new Pokemon would you just accept them? No, probably not. lol.
Those people are blinded by nolstalga and can't except something different from their dear little game featuring a dragon that looks like Barney the dinosaur.

I can't really say my favourite Pokemon of this gen, but I cannot stand Kyurem and it's terrible formes. Why won't game freak leave good Pokemon like Zekrom and mutate it (or in this case, merging) into something that looks so unnatural.
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